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Waiting. Breathless.

It was the kind of bitter cold that stunned the senses and frightened you deep down inside. The jagged angry drops of freezing rain were relentless and filled with pent-up anger. There was nowhere to escape them. There was nowhere to go.

She pulled her coat closer in a futile attempt to preserve her dissipating heat. She was mostly numb but her human instinct to survive hadn’t realized that the end was indeed arriving. She blinked through most of her vision was so blurred that she only saw dim outlines through a watery haze and little else.

The flash came so hard and so fast that there was no time to react to it. She didn’t see it coming and only felt its presence after it had already arrived. She didn’t feel herself fall. She didn’t feel herself landing on the hard cold ground. She didn’t feel herself drift away.

The morning came for some. But not for others. She was sure that she would be in the latter category. In fact, she was absolutely positive and it was only when she realized she was having this thought that is dawned on her that she may still be alive…

With painful force, she attempted to open her eyes. It felt like they were glued shut. She struggled for what felt like hours and days but was in fact only moments in time. Time she thought she would never have again. Part of her didn’t want to open them for fear that she would be proven wrong and that this was only a state of mind on the other side of death.

When they finally released, her dark hazel eyes again saw nothing but blurry outlines. She struggled to focus and only when she did, did she realize that she wished she hadn’t…

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