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A Little Lie.

It’s just a thing. Nothing epic. Just a little thing. A tiny lie that wouldn’t really matter in the end, so what was the point of this torrent of venomous anger she’s spewing at me? Her idiotic over dramatic criticisms of everything I do and say is getting painfully dull.

Why are girls so hyped up? The world is not going to end just because their secrets sometimes get out. And self-importance is a true disillusionment.

So what if her picture accidentally got posted? Why does she always point her perfectly manicured finger at me?  Why am I always the one to blame?  More importantly, why did she take a selfie of her in her bedroom with her “friend” when our parents were still at work? If she didn’t really want to be caught, she would have been more careful. Right?

“Sasha, I told you,” I calmly lied, “I didn’t even know you were up here with… what’s his name again?” “Arnold!” She bellowed. I had to keep myself from laughing. “Right, Arnold. Sorry. Hope Dad doesn’t find out.” I gave her the concerned ‘puppy eyes’ that I have mastered over my thirteen years as the baby sister.

As she stormed out of my room I couldn’t hold in my laughter any longer and dove on my bed, face planted in my pillow and laughed until tears poured out of my eyes. Yes, I know. It was a wicked thing to do. I am aware… and sadly, I still don’t care.

I found control and rolled over. Feeling a great sense of satisfaction I sat up. It wasn’t until the morning that I realized what she had done. It didn’t occur to me that she would exact such revenge on me. I was foolish not to see it coming.

I will concede that she won this round. But the game, it has only just begun!

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